What are you waiting for?


If you can’t enjoy where you are today you will never enjoy where you are in the future.

Stop waiting for things to get better. Stop waiting for tomorrow. For next week. For next month. For your next adventure. For more money. For a husband. For a wife. For a new house. For a new job. Start living in today. Start making your dreams and goals a reality today.

Start saying yes today to things that scare you. Start chasing your goal today. Right now. Don’t put it off until new years, until you feel like you’re ready. You will never be ready. Stop letting fear get in the way of moving forward. So what if you fail? So what if you make a mistake? That’s how we learn. That’s how we grow. What is it that you can do today that will help you get where you want to be? Making a phone call, studying for that thing you are passionate about, sending an email, asking a question, excepting an offer even though you have no idea how it’s going to work out…

You are the only person stopping you from being great, from being happy.

This is something God is teaching me right now. As I am about to enter a new season I have found myself in two positions. One, wanting what’s next to get here so fast that I started to neglect the time I still had here in this season and two, being absolutely terrified of this next step I am about to take because I’ve never done it before. Being honest and vulnerable I have a fear of failure and a fear of letting people down. But with both of these situations I am facing, God is really working on them in my life right now.

The first is I will never be happy in anything I do if I am not happy right now. In this moment. If I can’t find something to be happy about now. Today. I will always find something wrong in the future as well. I can’t spend my days thinking about the next step solely and neglecting what God still wants to do in the now. We can’t live in the future, we can only live in this moment. While although yes, we can and we need to plan for the future we cannot spend all of our time living and thinking in the future. We will miss out on the best things, the adventure of life. I came across this quote that lined up with what God is teaching me”Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.” That’s so true, don’t just rush through the day focused on what needs to get done and what the rest of your week looks like. But take the time to say yes to adventure, say yes to something spur of the moment (no matter how against your nature that is to do. Trust me, it’s not always easy for me to do something on a whim but sometimes we just need to let loose.) savor those moments because soon they will just be a memory. But they will be some of your best memories. The times you chose to live your life.
Second is “But what if I fail?” And I’ve come to accept that sometimes I will and that’s okay. God has taught me a lot this year about pleasing people, failing, asking for help, feeling like I have no idea what is happening but also persevering and showing me that’s it’s okay to not know everything, that’s how we learn and grow. But it’s not okay to not try. It’s not okay to sit complacently and let your life slip by and to live a life of mediocrity when you know your calling and you know your passion but the only thing holding you back is fear that you won’t be good enough. God has been teaching me how to ask for help even when it feels silly, even when it feels like something I should know, as well as how to stay committed to something no matter how hard it is and no matter how bad I want to give up, and how to follow His voice and take risks even when I can’t see the whole picture.

God has been doing a lot in my life this year and I can’t lie and say it’s all been fun or easy. But it’s been worth it, following Him always is. I’ve been challenged and I’ve been stretched. He’s still working on me and I never want Him to stop. I am ready to and am living my life today.

So what about you? What’s holding you back? What dreams do you have and how can you achieve them? What can you go and do right now to move forward and not be complacent? What choice can you make today to enjoy your life?

“Every day might not be good but there’s something good in every day.”


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