A beautiful mess.


“Do you like to hike?” I was asked this question by a friend this morning. I responded with, “I’d say… I like the end result of hiking. I like exploring new things and being at the tops of high places…. but getting there isn’t always fun.”

God really spoke to me through that answer I gave. So many times in our life we want to be at the top, we want to enjoy the view, we want to go new places, see new things, meet new people… but we don’t want to always do whatever it takes to get there. We ask God “what’s next” we ask “Why can’t I just be where you’re calling me RIGHT NOW!” Sure, God could just place you on the mountain top, he could just show you a new waterfall while you’re driving down the road. But the adventure, the stories, come from you hiking there yourself! It may be hard, you may get dirty, bruised, scraped, you may fall down, but you’ll also see more of his character in these times through his creation, you’ll see the nature around you, new animals and creatures, you’ll meet people along the way who will encourage you, you’ll find things you never knew existed. When you reach your destination you will be able to look back at the hike and appreciate it so much more. When you tell people about your experience you’re not only going to include the epic sun rise you saw, but how you got there, where this awesome scar came from, and how you found this crazy little shack on the way that served the best tacos.

The same with your walk with God. He may be calling you somewhere great but in order to get there you may have to battle some challenges, you might get dirty, you might fall, it may not always be fun. But you’ll also meet people along the way who will encourage you, who will share their testimonies with you of how God got them through the long road, you’ll learn new things about God and his character, you’ll become stronger, you’ll learn the road, you’ll know how to overcome these obstacles in the future, and when you finally arrive at the place God is calling you and you look back at the journey it took to get there it’ll be so much more satisfying. Then you’ll have the chance to help others on the walk, to encourage them and share your own testimonies of how God brought you through it and took you to new places.

If this is you right now, don’t give up! Don’t ask why you can’t just be there already. Instead, take a deep breath, enjoy the adventure, and embrace the hike no matter how difficult it gets because it can also be a beautiful time.


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