La vida loca


Let me tell you a little bit about this crazy life I live because it’s been a while…..

  • The other week I finally invested in a Nicaraguan cell phone which meant I needed to visit Movistar (one of the phone companies here) to have it activated. Seems simple enough, except that I don’t speak Spanish… which I knew that fact and that is why Deby accompanied me. However, I do know enough spanish to know when the lady looked at me and asked “Come se llama?” (what is your name?) I replied, “Kayla! K-A… uhhhh wait… *frantically looks at Deby* How do you spell my name?!?!”  I don’t know the Spanish alphabet, and they pronounce all of their letters differently. So there I was. 22 Years old, couldn’t spell my own name. HAHA! Deby and I laughed a long time afterwards about that. She said “The look on your face was priceless!!”

Along with the purchase of the cell phone and having a Nicaraguan number, I have already received wrong number texts, “Hola, Wilmer desile atu papa que traiga jabon” — “Wilmer it’s dad bring home soap.”  “Estoy tratando de llamarte pero no tengo saldo. Por favor llamame” — “I’m trying to call you but I don’t have any minutes. Please call me”

  • A few days ago I was standing in the street waiting on Rene and Deby to finish talking with someone and on the other side of the street were some older men playing dominoes and listening to music when “why you gotta be so rude” started playing. Clearly, I started singing along… the entire song… in the middle of the street. Because what else are you supposed to do when everything around you is not your language and you hear something familiar.


  • Sometime last week I was walking down the street and I slipped on a banana peel in the street… It really is a real thing that happens… not just in movies.


  • And finally, last night I was in the shower and I felt something on my ankle. I looked down and at fist glance it looked like a glob of blood, I was like what in the world happened?! THEN IT STARTED MOVING… It. Was. A. Roach. Crawling up my leg. I quickly kicked it off and then it proceeded to chase me around the shower! I bumped in to and knocked all the soap and shampoos off of the wall and then had to pick them up while being chased. It was a traumatic experience. lol

In other news, all this month we’ve been meeting three days a week with the youth leaders in the church we attend to have a training seminar with them. We’ve been teaching on things like how to evangelize, having a vision for their ministry, and Biblical world view. That’s been going well. It’s been good to connect with and become better friends with them.

On Friday I will be going to renew my visa, can you believe I’ve been here for three months already? In some ways it feels like time is flying by but in other ways I feel like I’ve been here forever.

In a couple weeks we have another team of 12 coming in from Costa Rica to do ministry with our base.

Continue to keep us in your prayers! Love you guys!




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