The little things…


I haven’t written in a couple weeks so let’s begin with story time. I had the realization the other day that “Doña” in Spanish is another word for “Señora” (Mrs.) However prior to this realization I have spent the last month thinking that the lady who owns our home’s name was “Donna Carmen” because every time Migi and Rene refer to her they say “Doña Carmen” meaning, Mrs.Carmen. Not Donna. Oh the mis-understood words.

Another funny lost in translation story is from my room mate Deby. I was asking her where he learned her English, at school, or what. She began telling me, ” I learned a little at school but then my dad bought me an English curse.” I was so confused for a minute because I knew that’s not what she meant and then I realized she meant “course” and started laughing so hard! Then I explained it to her, and then we both laughed until we had tears. “You were cursed with English!!!!!”

Living here is the best, we all get a good laugh daily at trying to figure out what each other is saying. It’s so wonderful. I’m starting to pick up on a lot of Spanish though which is good and I’m also learning Creol. Which is closer to my language but so much harder to understand since it goes against everything that is grammatically correct with English.

Alright! So, life lessons from the last two weeks. It’s hard hosting an outreach team. It’s even harder when you’re hosting twelve people and there are only four of you on staff at your base. For a while I was having a really rough time. Things were going wrong, I felt like every thing I did for about three days straight I messed up, I wasn’t sleeping well, I was exhausted, I was starting to feel sick, I was beginning to feel like I wasn’t smart enough- Every one in this house right now is bi-lingual, except for one girl and she speaks five languages. And then there’s me, who only knows English. I was starting to feel bad, like I shouldn’t be here, everything has to be translated just for me, I should know more. I called my mom, and was on the verge of tears. “I know I’m supposed to be here but I just want to go home” but I’m always reminded, if you left every time things got hard you would never accomplish anything.

I was talking with God though and asking Him to help me overcome these things, to have more patience, to encourage me and help me to just have a good day, and before I knew it, my days started to get better. God began giving me little gifts over the course of two days and at the end of the second day is when I really realized it. Every thing I had been wanting I had received. Everything I had mentioned or said, “ahhhh I really wish I had a …..” I got! They were minor things, but minor things that you don’t typically get here that I really wish I had. Examples: I had said to Deby one morning, “I really want chocolate milk and ice cream!” That afternoon we did ministry at the orphanage and unexpectedly they gave us chocolate ice cream!!! Which was close enough to the two things I wanted. One day last week we went and helped workers break rocks to give them a break from their jobs and I cut my hand and needed to buy band aids. Deby had given me a couple until I got to the store and they were the beige ones, and if you know me, you know I like fun things. So I asked her, “Do they sell fun band aids here? Or just the plain beige ones.” And she replied with “Fun bandaids?!” Which told me that’s a no. However, I went to the store yesterday and guess what! The ONLY band aids they had were cute ones with puppies, and monkeys, and flamingos. I was so excited! I brought them home and Deby, Rene, and Migi all said “I’ve NEVER seen those before!” One more super cool story, before I left home to move here I gave away my TOMS (shoes) because I didn’t plan on bringing them with me and a girl from my church needed shoes and they were her size. I did not want to give them away though because they were my favorite shoes, even though I had no intentions of bringing them with me. But since I struggled so hard with wanting to give them away that’s why I knew I had to. Anyway, all that to say when I got here I noticed that Deby and Migi both own a pair of TOMS and I was like “ahhh I wish I had mine!!!” but that’s impossible here. One, I can’t order things online and two, even if I could I can’t afford to spend that much money on shoes. So I didn’t think anymore about it, until yesterday. I was out shopping with a couple girls from the outreach team and we walked into this used shoe store, when I spot TOMS!!! I said “No way! They have a pair of TOMS!” I run over and pick them up. They’re my size. AND they’re only four USD. Needless to say, I bought them. Those are only a few ways God has surprised me this week and shown me His love and that I am were I’m supposed to be and that He’s not only interested in taking care of my physical needs but He wants to surprise me with things I like and want from time to time. He’s a good, good father.

I actually started writing this blog several days ago but never got a chance to post it. The team headed out this morning to go back to Costa Rica and finish up their last week of DTS. We had an amazing time with them and saw God work in some pretty cool ways while they were here. I’m so blessed to be able to be a part of this ministry as it’s in the developing stages.

This Monday will mark 6weeks that I have been here in Nicaragua, which is the longest I’ve ever stayed in another country before. This time however I’m going to far surpass the 6 week point and I get to stay!! Which is the best feeling. As hard and challenging as it can be sometimes, this is home. These people are my family. I’m finally starting to feel like I somewhat fit in in this country and I love it.

Thank you for all of your prayers! Love yall!


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