Stand for nothing and you’ll fall for anything.


Mark 16:15 Most of us know it well it says, “He said to them, go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

However sometimes I feel like we as Christians forget that our home town, our own family is part of that “all the world” Or we sometimes think that verse is reallllllllly only for “missionaries.”  Those Christians that God calls to other countries. That’s not true though, this command was made to all Christians in all parts of the world. Wherever you are in the moment is where you should be sharing the gospel. Someone once explained it as, ” Every day you go. You’re always going somewhere. So go. And as you’re going preach the gospel.”

So now you can pretty much guess what God’s been teaching me all week. That I need to share the gospel, but He went a bit further. He wants me to share it fearlessly. All week He’s been putting scripture and stories in my head on being fearless for Him and doing whatever it takes to share the gospel.

He reminded me of my friend Kevin. Kevin isn’t afraid to share the gospel and he’s always ready. Whether he’s in India running down a dirt road after a man on a motor cycle telling him, “Come back sir! Come back! You need to hear this! Jesus loves you!!!!” or riding his bike through a city in Kentucky trying to find drug lords and witness to them. He has crazy faith and it’s exciting, it’s bold, it’s fearless. And yes, I understand Jesus may not be calling YOU to go chase down a drug lord… Point is, who is He asking you to tell and are you doing it with everything in you, full of passion and excitement to see lives changed. Or are you sitting back waiting for someone else to do it?

Don’t get me wrong, sharing the gospel isn’t always easy or fun per say. God may ask you to share with someone it’s really hard to talk to or someone you’ve never even talked to before. I’m not writing this to say I always share fearlessly and boldly either. I’m just writing because it’s what God’s been challenging me with and it’s something I needed to learn and work on. With that, when God gives you a challenge and you accept it, be ready to fight. But never be afraid of the fight,He always prepares you for it before sending you into battle.

I’m not going to put the whole passage in this post but beginning of the week, God gives me Ephesians 6. The armor of God -i encourage you to read the whole chapter- It never gets old because you always need to be reminded to keep it on. However the part that stood out to me this time I read it was, 6:19, “and pray on my behalf, that utterance may be given to me in the opening of my mouth, to make known with boldness the mystery of the gospel,” –To make known with boldness.– Even though this part was the part God wanted me personally to get because He’s trying to make me fearless, the only way you can share boldly is if you have your full armor on and you’re ready to go. You know the word, you know God’s voice, and you have faith that He’s got your back. As the week progressed I had a doctors appointment, I’ve been having some issues and test done and as I was on my way to to this appointment God was continually talking to me about sharing the gospel fearlessly. He said to me, “Kayla, It’s not going to happen. But, what if you went to this appointment and they told you there was something wrong and that you didn’t have long to live? How would that affect your life?” I immediately said, “Well I would be running around telling everyone and anyone about you! As many as I could before I died.” He said to me, “Bingo. But why is that your mentality? We should you only be able to do that if you don’t think you have long to live. You should share that fearlessly day to day with everyone and anyone.” Maaaaaaan. Did that hurt like a knife in my gut. But it’s so true! I should live every single day like it’s my last, because it could be! So I apologized and I accepted His challenge and asked Him to give me opportunity to share fearlessly the gospel!!! As I said earlier, when you accept the challenge, be ready to fight!

Boy did He ever give me an opportunity. I got a text last night from my cousin questioning whether or I not I told her daughter that buddha wasn’t real.. Easy answer? Of course I didn’t tell her that. Is that what I did? No. I followed God’s lead and I took this opportunity to fearlessly share. I’ve been looking for the right opportunity for four years for a door to open to be able to share with her. I’ve been sharing with her daughter about who Jesus is for those four years and got my opportunity to plant a seed in her mom last night. I believe God was preparing me all week for that moment. I believe He wants to do great things in both of their lives and I believe that my many prayers are going to start being answered! That was the push I needed though to realize just how important it is to be fearless! People’s lives are on the line and I can’t sit back and watch them suffer. It’s time for us to do something. It’s time for us as Christians to stand up and be bold. To take what we know and be passionate about it! This world is hurting, OUR country is hurting, OUR families are hurting. What are you going to do about it? Are you going to sit back and watch it happen, say “somebody else will do something?” Or are you going to obey that nudge inside of you when God pushes you to share? Are you going to proclaim fearlessly the gospel of Jesus Christ?

“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.” – Alex Hamilton


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