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Why even bother?


What do you do when God tells you to speak truth into someones life and you obey Him but they don’t accept what you                                 have to say? Maybe because they don’t believe you or they simply don’t want to change.                             This is what God’s dealing with me lately.

This post may not be as long as some others in the past but it’s something I feel like God wanted me to share as an encouragement to others who are fighting a similair fight.

You can’t save everyone. You simply cannot make everyone listen to the truth or the news you have. You can’t force them to change. What you CAN do is simply obey. Obey what God tells YOU to do. Follow His instructions and let it be.

For me personally I feel like this is one of Gods many lessons He’s been giving me over the last several months in preparation for my next step. There are going to be times when I’m so frustrated because I can see the whole picture, I see the path these people I’m trying to talk to are heading down, I know what a relationship with God looks like and how awesome it is, and I know the truth He has for them! But there are going to be times that some people just don’t want to except it. I know myself, and I know in those moments, I’m going to want to scream and I will be tempted to get frustrated with what seems like a useless prosess! “If people aren’t going to listen to me God then why are you telling me to talk to them?!?! Why am I even here?”

But God is teaching me in this very moment that I personally can’t make people listen. I can only do what I feel like He is telling me to do and if they accept it, great! If not, as long as I did what He said to do and He’s given me no further instruction to do anything else, then I have to let it go and let Him handle it from there. Sometimes you’re not going to see the fruit harvested by the seed you planted but you have to know that if you trusted and obeyed what you were told to do that God is going to do His part.

All in all don’t get discouraged when it seems that people don’t care about what you have to say. Keep speaking the truth that God has placed in your heart and trust that He’s going to complete His work. And never give up on praying for the people God has placed in your path!


It’s okay to not be perfect.


What is a Christian supposed to look like?

How are they supposed to act?

Who do you think is a model Christian? A pastor, a missionary, an elder? Why?

In todays world I believe we as the church and even people in the world put those in such postions and leadership roles on a pedestal and think of them as what we need to become, what we need to strive to be like. When in reality that’s not the truth. The truth is that we need to strive for relationship with Jesus himself and becoming like Him. We may feel that leaders in the church have a more intimate relationship with God and that may be true, but it’s not because of their position. It’s because of their willingness to give Him their all and to seek Him with all of their heart. The same intimacy is open for every person on this earth.

Just because I’ve travled around the world doesn’t make me any more of a Christian, it doesn’t mean that I can pray “better”, or that I have a “direct line” to God. (I mean I do! But you do too! He hears your voice just as clear as He hears mine.)

So back to what is a Christian supposed to look like? While yes, I definitely look up to my pastor, elders, and leaders in my church as role models. Sometimes I believe a model Christian can be the most least likely suspect. Someone who’s still brand new to the whole thing. Sometimes with being a Christian basically your whole life and being raised in church, you don’t think about things the same way as someone who didn’t accept Christ until later on. But, one of my role models in life is this least likely suspect.

Over the last two years I have grown extremely close to this person and she’s now one of my best friends! But this wasn’t always the case. When I first met her I thought she was incredibly loud, didn’t like to follow ANY rules, and quite frankly she terrified me! As the months passed, I began to find out more about her story and her past,I watched her accept Jesus into her heart, I watched her grow in her relationship with Him, I watched as God miraculously brought two completely different people together at two completely different stages of their walk with Him and turn them into best friends and exactly what eachother needed.

What I love most about this girl is the pure fact that she does mess up, she doesn’t know all of the answers, she doesn’t “play” Christian, she is one. She’s real, she’s raw, she’s vulnerable, and she’s inocent in her faith. We make it a point (most weeks) to call each other once a week and talk about what’s going on in each others lives and to pray for on another. I can’t tell you the amount of times that she hasn’t wanted to call because she doesn’t want to tell me that she’s messed up. Again. Because she knows I’m going to speak truth into her life and she doesn’t wanna hear it. Inevitably though God tugs at her heart and she makes things right with Him and she calls and we talk it out and we encourage one another.  But even more than the times she hasn’t wanted to call are the times she did call. The times I’ve heard her tell me the greatest things that God’s talking to her about. Hearing the way that God relates to her and loves on her. Being there every step of this journey and watching every week as her love for Him grows deeper and their relastionship grows stronger. Seeing how every week, every day, He reveals Himself to her in new ways and she transitions from the newborn stage to the toddler stage. Learning more about the right choices and wrong choices. What to do when you mess up and how to handle correction and authority. And I can’t express how proud I am of this young lady for how far she has come and where she is going. Knowing who she was and where she came from but now knowing who she is and where she’s headed is amazing. God knew what He was doing when He put her in my life but then again, doesn’t He always know what He’s doing if we allow Him to do it.

I can’t tell you how many times God has spoken to me through her and how much of an encouragement she has been in my life. On top of that, how much of a conviction I’ve had from her too. The pure excitement she gets in finding out more about God and reading her Bible should be something every Christian has every day. She’s brought such a freshness to my relationship with God and has made me excited to re-learn Bible stories and look at them from a new perspective.

This is why she’s one of my role models. Because she’s not perfect, she doesn’t appear to be perfect, she doesn’t try to look perfect. She’s just who she is and that’s good enough. She admits that she has a past and that she struggles with it and it may sneak up on her and knock her down but it doesn’t keep her there. Her relationship with God is real. It’s open. It’s vulnerable. She tells Him when she’s mad at Him, I think that’s another one of my favorite things about her is that their relationship is so purely raw and as is. She’s just real and really I believe that’s all God expects of us. To be real with Him. He doesn’t expect us to be perfect, He just expects us to love and obey Him. To trust that He’s got it. To know deep down that He’s got it and He’s all we need. Sure we’ll mess up. Sure we’ll fall into the old habbits. We’re human. But the closer we get to Him the easier it will become to not want to do those things. He already knows your heart. He just wants you to want Him to know. To build that relationship and to be vulnerable. That’s the first step, to admit that you’re not perfect and to accept that He loves you anyway and forgives you. Because He always will.