Are you too busy for God?


“Don’t become so busy working for God that you forget to worship Him.”

Wise words spoken by one of my favorite pastors a few months ago but it’s been on my mind here a lot lately. This time last year I was in a place where God was all I had. I didn’t have the comforts of home, I didn’t know what my day was going to hold, I had reached a place where He’s all I cared about and what He wanted, I wanted. I was at a place where I was more in love with Him than anything. He was all I needed. He was all I longed for. When I woke up we talked, when I went bed we talked, all day long we talked. I used to tell people all the time how easy it was to have that wonderful relationship with God. To be in love with Him. But I have failed. Every day since being home from an environment where it’s so easy to depend on God for everything, I’ve gotten distracted. Our relationship was still good for a while, I still made effort in making Him total priority. Quickly though, I was whisked away into everyday life. Wake up, go to work, come home, get on pinterest, text my friends, go to bed, repeat. Help in Sunday school, help in Children’s church, teach on occasion, do Good news club, write JC Game lessons, work JC games. Give to people in need, be someones shoulder, work, work, work for Jesus. I was doing things He wanted me to do but I stopped noticing Him pursuing me. I stopped pursuing Him with my whole heart.  Now, we still went on the occasional date, but mostly they were times when I needed an answer about something, or I was so stressed out and needed to get away with Him. He still accepted me in those times and He loved me, and He was everything I needed but I wasn’t giving Him the attention He deserved.

Over the last couple months, He’s been dropping hints to me that He wants me back. That He wants to be my everything again. He wants to whisk me away and show me His love in crazy new ways. I’ve been hearing Him and I’ve been wanting it and longing for that close relationship back also but I’ve been to busy to pursue it. And that’s not ok! Now most of the time when you hear of someone backsliding you don’t picture the person who’s always in church, front row, worshipping, helping in all areas, moving to another country as a missionary right? You think, skipping church, not talking to anyone from church, shutting God out, and going their own way. In reality though when you spend more time working for God than you do pursuing Him as hard as He’s pursing you and you stop worshiping Him ALL. DAY. that’s also backsliding. Because what God wants more than your work is your worship. Even if He has called you to serve in the areas you’re serving in He wants your relationship with Him to always come before that. Because how can you most effectively serve in those areas unless you’re in constant communication with Him and you and Him are always on the same page?

Now don’t get me wrong, He’s still the first person I go to when I make a descision, I do talk to Him every single day, we still have a solid relationship right now. It’s just not where it needs to be. I’ve started to put other things above our time together and that’s when it becomes not ok. I used to spend at least a solid hour completely alone with Him and in addition to that we went on a date every week and just did something fun together. I heard His voice constantly because we were inseperable and I want that back. Maybe this is your life too or maybe you’ve never been close to God in that way. Maybe it’s time to go on that very first date with Him or maybe it’s time to renew your vows. To remember how it felt that first time you heard his voice, the first time He held you and comforted you. Don’t become so busy working for God that you forget to worship Him. Let Him have all of you and make time for your relationship. It’s the most important relationship you’ll ever have. But even when you mess up, He’s always going to be there pursuing you, calling you back into His arms.

“I believe that He loves you where you are
I believe that you’ve seen the hands of God
I believe that you’ll know it when
You’re back in His arms again
I believe that He never let you go
I believe that He’s wanting you to know
I believe that He’ll lead you ’til you’re back in His arms again”

-Mark Schultz; back in His arms


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