I have decided.


SOMD week 10 is complete. Time is going by way to quick.

This past week has been packed! We returned back to Louisville from our visits to home on Monday, and dove right back into work. This week we had Dave Buehring teaching on leadership. Some things he said that stuck out most to me were……

-When God reveals something to you, it’s not meant to be negotiated. It’s meant to be obeyed.

– The great commission is not the great suggestion. Making disciples is supposed to be as frequent as breathing.

-Discipleship is about more than just learning. It’s applying and living.

Outside of “class time” My team and I have been working hard to get things ready for our short term outreaches that are starting here in a couple weeks!!! I’m super excited. We will be hosting several youth groups and doing a mini discipleship training school and then having two, week long missions trips here in Louisville. Followed by OUTREACH TO NICARAGUA! I can’t believe it’s almost here.

God’s been showing me over this last week, and really over SOMD in general just how much more I can do then I ever thought I could. He’s showing me that every bit of my strength comes from Him and Him alone and that when I hand it all over to Him, He’s gonna get me through it. This school has been a non-stop fight for me. From before it even started,with fighting for tuition, to fighting for my personal relationship with God to go deeper, fighting for friendships that were hard, and fighting for my family. But in all of it, I can look back and see where God guided me through it step by step and held my hand. He never once left me, and I am a much stronger person now then I was just two months ago! And all of this has taught me that there’s more inside of me then I think. And when I really want something, with God’s help and as long as it’s His will I can achieve it! It’s not easy, and it’s not always fun. But the end goal is so worth it. Another thing I’ve learned about God, is that He doesn’t make me fight. He gives me the choice. There are so many times, where I thought to myself this isn’t worth it! I just want to quit. God THIS IS NOT FUN! And He told me, “if that’s what you really want. I’m not going to stop you, but I think you should keep fighting.” Boy am I glad I did. Ahhhh,, I fall in love with Him more and more every day!

One more thing I want to tell you guys about this week happened this morning at church. I didn’t go to the church I usually attend here, but I think God knew what He was doing when he orchestrated that to happen. The church I did attend this morning was having a baptism service and as they started, I began to notice that most of the people getting baptized were kids under the age of 10. They asked each person why they were going to get baptized and what Jesus meant to them, and had their whole families stand up there with them, and the father pray for them. It was the sweetest baptism I believe I have ever seen. These kids didn’t just have standard answers, they knew what it meant to follow Jesus! I teared up several times when listening to their answers. And it really stirred up the passion I have inside of me for discipling children. I want to see all kids come to know Jesus like that and make that life long choice to follow Him from a young age!!! It’s one of my biggest desires.

Last thing I want to share about that goes along with the service is the song “I have decided to follow Jesus” and the background behind it. I’ve heard the song a lot, and sang it many times. But this morning the preacher told us the back story and it really touched my heart. I know it will touch yours too, and give you a whole new meaning when you sing it.

http://thecripplegate.com/why-we-sing-i-have-decided-to-follow-jesus/ (click the link to read the story) :)

Thank yall for your prayers and support.

Love you.


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