Is He all you need?


How can you expect someone to be open with you and share their heart if you’re not open with your own? 

A question I had to work out with Jesus this morning.

This past week has been HARD! Not so much with the work load going on in the school but with the load my heart is taking on and the ways God is working on it. A couple weeks ago I wrote about my relationship with God and how He was drawing me in to a more intimate relationship with Him. And boy is He ever. I’ve been spending so much more time with Him and can hear Him speak to me all through out the day now. It’s so awesome and I never cease to be amazed at how much He knows me and how I relate to things.

He’s challenged me this week to do a lot of stuff that test my patience, things that require me to put aside my comfort, and one of the biggest challenges/questions He asked was, “Am I really all you need? Are you making me your top priority? Am I the one receiving the most love from you?” On Monday He told me, ” I just want you to be so dependent on me.”

All through out this week He has given me opportunities to show Him that He is my number one.  And the few times that I didn’t listen to His advice were the points of my week where I found my self struggling the most. Yesterday was one of those days, I tried to deal with things by myself all day. In result, I went to bed upset and woke up frustrated. So I decided to stay home from church and hash things out with God this morning. I went to Him with the the stuff I knew I was having trouble with and He helped me to work through it, but not only that…. He started bringing up things from my past that I didn’t know was there. The things behind the reasons I hurting. We spent a good two hours together working through the list and I felt so much better!  My relationship with God right now is at a place I never even dreamed of.  I heard of people hearing from Him and walking and talking with Him, living in communion with Him. But I never knew what they were talking about. I know God exists, I talk to Him… He provides things for me. But to have a real friendship with Him is the greatest thing I have ever experienced. He told me a joke yesterday! He listens to me and loves me more than any person ever could. And I know with out a single doubt in my mind that He is all I need! He is my everything. I just want every single person on the planet to have an amazing relationship with Him too! And the most incredible thing about Him is that you can!

Jokes with Jesus:

Knock knock. 

Who’s there?


Me who…?

Don’t you get it? Behold I stand at the door and knock.


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  1. Kayla I love your honesty and openness in this. I think if we are honest with ourselves we know we all have times like his and the breakthrough really happens when we turn from everything else in our lives and run to Him for answers. and love His joke

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