Touché Jesus.


Usually in my post I write about the things I’m learning in class. But this week I really just want to share with you about my relationship with God. Because that’s been my focus! So forewarning.. it might get a little mushy ;)

It started last week when a leader in my school was talking about her relationship with God and the good times they have together. I was like well, I want cool stories like that! I asked God why we didn’t really have cool stories and he kinda gave me a slap in the face answer “Well, Kayla. The most amazing stories you have with your friends usually aren’t the ones that are scheduled.” BAM! “touche, Jesus. Touche”

So, God has really been challenging me to step up my relationship with Him this week. By spending more quality time with Him outside of the designated quiet times we already have scheduled. And it has been amazing. He’s showed me His love and His character so much more over these last few days than I’ve really ever experienced with Him. We were hanging out one day and I just couldn’t get this song out of my head “I don’t want “good” and I don’t want “good enough”. I want “can’t sleep, can’t breathe without your love”. Front porch and one more kiss, it doesn’t make sense to anybody else. Who cares if you’re all I think about, I’ve searched the world and I know now, It ain’t right if you ain’t lost your mind. Yeah, I don’t want easy, I want crazy. Are you with me baby? Let’s be crazy!”  God began telling me, “Kayla, this is what I want our relationship to be. I don’t want you to care what people think, I don’t want our relationship to just be ok.. I want you to not be able to do anything without me! Let’s be crazy together!!” It was so cool! I mean God, who created the UNIVERSE is my friend! MY FRIEND! I just can’t get over the fact that I hang out with Him.. HE TALKS TO ME! And He loves me THAT much. It’s so cool!

Another time this week I was outside talking to Him and I was getting frustrated and I just began to let it out. I began telling Him every single thing that was going on in my life that I just couldn’t handle. I stopped trying to “hide” it from Him.. I mean… He knows my every thought. But sometimes we just think we don’t have to tell Him everything. Those are liesssssss. Later on that evening I went to an Easter play and it was during that time that God really spoke to me! He showed me things during the play that really lined up with all the things I was complaining to Him about earlier. He showed me it was going to be alright and that He’s got it. I just love Him!

This play was also different for me this year, solely because I am His friend! I have this bond with Him now that I’ve never had before and it was awesome. I saw as Jesus was acting in one scene, all the little kids run up to Him and grab His hands and they just all dance in a circle and laugh and have fun! And before I would’ve just been like, well that’s cool. Wish I could do that. But this time I was like I DO THAT WITH JESUS! We have fun!! No, he isn’t physically here but I have fun with Jesus, I talk to Him! He’s really alive, He really is there.  It made me really happy! To know I serve a God that is real. A God that yes I do respect and I do go to in times of trouble, and I do listen to and obey what He tells me. But He’s also a God that created fun, He created emotions. And He enjoys when you share that part of your life with Him too. He’s not just a God who is up above ruling your every move, waiting for you to mess up and run to Him. He’s a God who wants to do life with you! And I’m finding the more I really truly get to know His character, the more clearly I can hear His voice and He can guide me in better directions. 

I think I mostly wanted to share those stories this week, because I feel that we as Christians these days tend to believe we have to be perfect for God. That we have to pray the right prayers and do the right things for Him to love us. And that is far from the truth! God doesn’t want your long big worded complicated prayers where you really have know idea what you’re saying but it sounds nice. He just wants you to be real. You also don’t have to be in a mission school to hear the voice of the Lord. I’m no different than anyone else out there. I have no special gateway to Heaven.. I’m just a girl who lives everyday makin mistakes. My relationship with Him is nothing that you can’t have! God is going after you the same way He’s pursuing me. He wants to have fun stories with you too! You just gotta let Him. So I challenge you this week, or even right now. Go make a memory with God. Spend some quality time with Him! And I’d love to hear your stories too! <3


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  1. This is beautiful Kayla and straight from the heart. What a precious thing the Lord has been doing in your heart, thank you for sharing with us all and reminding us (me!) who Jesus really is. (ps, i read the lyrics to the music in my head! lol) love you girl!

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