Roaring water!


This week has been crazy, amazing, fun, challenging, productive, and longggggg.

Steve Sizemore came in this week and taught on the four elements of personalities. (Water,Earth,Fire,Wind)

Water- Appreciates and values calmness, steadiness, clearly-defined expectations, time for reflection, working at their own pace, sincerity, loyalty, and safety. Water dislikes insensitivity, conflict, inflexibility, lack of clarity, changing quickly, and being overlooked or taken for granted.

Earth- Appreciates and values structure, stability, long-term thinking, information, quality, integrity, and commitment. Earth dislikes disorganization, instability, quick-fix thinking, inaccuracy, demonstrations of emotion, interior work, and disloyalty.

Fire- Appreciates and values opportunities for rapid advancement, rewards in keeping with risks, a variety of challenging assignments, and causes in which they can make a difference. Fire dislikes close supervision and doing ordinary repetitive task, as well as indecisiveness, complacency, and excuses by others.

Wind- Thrives in meeting new people gaining recognition and approval, short-term goals, variety, freedom to express ideas, openness, activity, and time for fun. Wind dislikes being ignored, working alone, confining responsibilities and routines, paperwork, formality, and deceit.

As you can tell all of these personalities are very different. We all have some of each element in our personality but what you have more of, others may have less of and vice versa. We took a personalty test at the beginning of the week to see which we were! I tested to be dominantly water ,with Earth as my second highest. My fire and wind were about the same score, much lower on the scale…

My favorite part about this week was learning my strengths and how to show them better and be more confident in them as well as battle my challenges and face my fears. A main thing that Steve taught us is that even though we test as more of an element, that doesn’t define us or keep us in a box. When a challenge comes up, don’t just say oh, it’s not like me to speak up and say this, or I’m always quiet, someone else will talk. But rise above the uncomfortable things and be confident in who God made me to be! And God really showed me His character this week by encouraging me right along, even when I didn’t want to do things He was always there telling me I could! <3

Another favorite from this week was getting to learn other peoples personalities, I know everyone is different… but learning why and how to better relate to people who are opposite of me was really good. Several times throughout the week we were split up into teams with people of opposite personalities and had to do different exercises with them, by relating to them in ways that best worked for them. It was challenging at times but great in learning how to work as a team.

A few key points from the week:

  • Great leadership can come from all four elements.
  • Great results require teamwork, teamwork requires relationships, and relationships require understanding.
  • In order to grow you have to come out of your comfort zone and go into the learning zone.

Outside of “class time”, this week my team has been working hard to prepare for our local ministries that start this coming Thursday! We will be leading a small group down to Baxter! (a local government housing section of Louisville). I’m really excited! I have such a heart for the people down there and love them so much. We are hoping to start a women’s Bible study as well as love on all of the precious kids!! :)

This week… well weekend has also been busy hanging out with students from a school in Dayton, Ohio who are here at YWAM Louisville for a short term outreach (STO)! We’ve gotten to observe how an STO is run, because we will be running them this summer!! ahhhhh. So exciting!

Alright, I’m going to let you go now. That is if you made it this far! I love you all, thanks for your prayers. Please keep them coming.




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