Long van rides, late nights, talking to strangers, cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2, new friends, cats, good food, team bonding, and  a tempur pedic mattress… 

Well hello! I feel like it’s been forever since I have written, and that’s mostly because it has been. lol I spent two weeks back at home for Christmas which was awesome! Got back to Louisville on December 26th and have hit the ground running since.

On the 28th my school split into three teams and went out on our “statesides” to Oklahoma/Arkansas, North Carolina/Tennessee, and Northern Kentucky/Ohio. I am on the North Carolina/Tennessee team, and so far this week we spoke at a church in Concord, NC then we headed up to the Raliegh area and helped Pastor Bill Rose with his church plant! That was so cool and a lot of fun! We hand wrote tons and tons and tons of thank you notes and invitations! As well as made hundreds of phone calls inviting people to come, went door to door, and we handed out business cards and talked to people in parking lots. It was such a great experience! There have already been so many responses from people who are really interested and plan to attend the first service! :)

Yesterday, we all piled back into our “swagger wagon” and drove 7 hours to Tennessee! Today is our off day and my game plan is: write this post and probably lay on a couch. ha! Tomorrow we will do a prayer walk at a local college as well as a community service project. Sunday we are speaking in two services, then it’s back in the van to Louisville!

A new  discipleship training school starts on Sunday! So we’ll get to hang out with the new students for a few days as well as do some outreach prep, and THEN I am OFF TO INDIA on Thursday! I can’t believe it’s almost here. This has been a crazy four months and I’m sooo excited to see all that God has in store for these next couple months. Ahhh!

Thanks for all of your prayers, support, love, and encouragement! I love you all so so much!


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