Let it snow!


The lecture phase of DTS is behind us, there’s 5 days until Christmas break, the first snow of the year has fallen, we begin outreach prep tomorrow, and our Christmas party is tonight! So many exciting things going on here at YWAM Louisville.

This past week was AMAZING! Bob Felder was here from Miami teaching on evangelism. He taught us how to properly approach people. One good way if your out with a group is to simply say “Hey, we’re just out praying for people today. Is there anything we could pray for you about?”  Sounds awkward and scary but it’s actually really awesome and most people really are open to it. This then gives you a lead to start talking to them about life and Jesus. He gave us a few suggestions on how to evangelize

  1. Be available- everyday is an outreach.
  2. Be yourself- just act like a normal human being, you don’t have to act all super spiritual
  3. Ask permission- ask if it’s ok to pray with them, or if it’s ok to ask them some spiritual questions.
  4. Ask them questions- If they believe something different, ask why/what they believe.
  5. Speak their language- don’t use “christianeze” Examples: “he’s on fire for Jesus” “we had a holy ghost party”

On Wednesday, we split into groups and went out to different communities in Louisville and put what we learned into practice! I will admit, I was quite nervous to knock on doors and ask people if they needed prayer, and then attempt to witness to them. I was with one other girl and a guy on staff, I let them take the first couple doors… I watched as Ian(staff) was talking to people about the Bible and how easily it came to him and how much scripture he knew and was quickly convinced I would not be able to do this because I didn’t know all this information. I finally got the courage to knock on a door, a little old lady named Flula answered. I asked Ms.Flula if there was anything I could pray for her about, she proceeded to tell me that her brother had just passed away the day before. I was able to pray with this precious lady.  <3 But, I still didn’t get the opportunity to share Jesus.  As the afternoon went on not many people were home but we approached this older woman sitting on her front steps, Carissa went up and started talking to her. I noticed next door there was a teenage girl sitting alone and I fought back and forth with God about going over and talking to her by myself.  He won, and I went over. I told her we were out in the neighborhood praying for people and asked if she needed any prayer for anything. She replied “no thanks, I’m muslim”.  I asked her if she was ok with me sharing with her what I believe, she said ok.. So I pull out this little pamphlet Bob gave us and attempted to explain to her. Let’s just say this was basically an epic fail. She knew really nothing about Christianity and I was doing a terrible job at trying to explain. I thought “really God, now what do I do.. I’m over here all by myself. Don’t know the first thing about the Muslim religion,and feel like I failed at sharing what I believe” He said “well ask her what she believes.” So, I did. She proceeded to tell me some things about what she believed as best as she could. It was very interesting to hear her beliefs. I then just spent the next several minutes getting to know her, asking questions about her life, telling her about mine. Then she got comfortable and started to ask me questions! “What do you believe about gay marriage?” “What’s going to happen on judgment day?” Do you believe sex before marriage is wrong?” “Why do you celebrate Christmas/Easter?” “Why do bad things happen to good people?”  And out of no where I was not afraid, and Jesus was helping me to speak all the correct answers! Everything I said came out so smoothly, with no hesitation, like I’d been witnessing for years! We talked for a good 45min, which if you know me, you know that is a lonngggg time for me to hold a conversation! It was amazing, she had so many questions and you could tell she was so hungry for the truth. Also during this time I was able to pray with her for her grandma Verna who had been diagnosed with liver cancer. When I left I told her I would keep her and her grandma in my prayers and she was so appreciative. She thanked me for my honesty and non-judgmental attitude while talking to her. This whole opportunity was great for planting a seed, but it was also great a chance for me to really trust God when He tells me to do something! Even though I was scared and had never done that before in my life, I had to fully rely on Him that it was all going to work out, and it did! <3 God is awesome!


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