Bob Sprinkles


This has been the best week yet! It was slammed full of all kinds of awesome opportunities. Mon-Wed. we were learning from Pastor Tim on how to study the Bible. We split into groups and studied a passage then we discussed what we got out of it and gave a 5 minute mini sermon on it to the whole class.  It was great to not only learn how to study but how to walk it out and share with the class.

Then on Thursday our Thanksgiving outreach started! My team got to go hang out at a nursing home for a few hours in the morning, it was so much fun! I got to play some card games and sing songs with Mrs.Shirley, she was too precious! Her husband was also there with her, they’ve been married for 60 years, and you could still see the love in their eyes! <3

ImageOn Thursday night we had a big YWAM family meal here at the base, it was sooo delicious!!! And there was SWEET TEA!! A big treat for me here, they’ve only had it twice. lol


Friday morning we went down to the Lord’s kitchen and served food, cleaned up their kitchen, and did a prayer walk around the community.


Friday afternoon we went to this place called Exit 0, which is a ministry that has been started where people can drop off donations for the homeless. The guy who runs it allows people who are homeless to come in and help organize and sort all the donations, in exchange for getting first pick of new things. :)  We got to go down and help sort food and winter jackets for them. In this process I got to meet this awesome guy named Bob Sprinkles. (whether or not this is actually his name or not idk.. but he was a funny guy!) He really encouraged me, as we were talking he was telling me, “I’m the richest guy in the world. I may not have a home or a dime to my name. But I’m richer than any other person out there. You know why? Because I have God. All of my talents are from Him and everything I am is because of Him. We all have to just learn how to love life and live it to the fullest” He was so happy, he had a smile on his face the whole time we were there, he even sang us a few songs that he wrote, and he has a pretty incredible voice!! He was just such an inspiration to me, I’m so blessed to have been able to meet him!

(don’t let this picture fool you… he REALLY is a happy guy!!! lol)


After we helped sort the clothes, some of the Exit 0 staff took us down to these homeless camps! It is so sad, people live in the woods behind railroad tracks and off the side of an interstate. So many people drive by everyday and would never know they are there. It’s so crazy! :(


We got to meet this other really cool guy named John though who has taken the resources given to him and things he has found lying around and has built a “home” in the woods out of pallets and tarps. He even has a wood stove and a giant pile of nails at the beginning of the path so when you walk on them it’s like an alarm system! It’s pretty incredible! His story really touched me because although he is houseless right now, he is making the most out of everything he has and is working to make his life better. He was saying “I don’t intend to live like this forever. But for right now I make the most out of everything. When I see something I could use, I use it!”

Saturday was also an amazing day! In the morning we went out to distribute Bibles and pray with people! I got to pray for a guy named Dave who just got out of prison after 8 years. He’s staying with his grandma, trying to turn his life around and is hoping to find a job now in the construction business to get back on his feet.  Then, we spent Saturday afternoon at the park in Baxter hanging out with the kids and giving out hot chocolate. It was so much fun, I love those kids so much!!


 It’s been an awesome, crazy, busy, impactful week! I’ve loved every single second of it!!

Coming up this week, we will be learning about evangelism and going out into the community at the end of the week to put what we learn into practice. I’m so excited! :)

Love you guys! <3 Thanks for all of your prayers and support!


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