Bob’s your uncle!


Week seven has come to an end. It’s SUPER crazy how fast time is flying…

We spent this week with Peter Warren learning about spiritual warfare. Lots of good information and things to dwell on!! It was great and challenging.

Me and my fellow southerners had “redneck Friday” yesterday, we all decked out in our camo! I love that there are at least a few other people here who are from the south that I can relate to… lol

securedownload (4)

Last night my small group had a sleepover at a friends house and she has cats!!!!! Ahhhhh, I was so excited. I miss my kitty. so. much.

securedownload (5)

Tomorrow morning we head out for sweet home Alabama to attend the south east conference. I’m super excited! Get to meet lots of new YWAMers :) PLUS they have SWEET TEA! and Fried orka!!! woop! woop! I reallllllly miss sweet tea.

I love you all lots. I will update again when I get back!! Keep us in your prayers <3

Random fact:  In Australia, the say “Bob’s your uncle” instead of the phrase “there you have it”


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