Whoopie zing!


Hello dear friends! I don’t think words can even describe how awesome this week was. We’ve been learning from Doug Easterday about the father heart of God. Let me just start by saying, he is one of the funniest, most loving people you will ever meet! I love him so much!

47572_10150139740330884_5534965_n [this is Doug ;]

One thing that has really stuck out the most for me this week is that God likes to have fun too! He’s my dad! He wants to take walks with me, hear about my day, jam out to music. That’s something I’ve never really put into practice. I’ve always just spent my time with Him basically just asking Him for things, for myself or for others. And that’s ok… But He also just wants to solely spend time with me sometimes. However, it was hard coming to that place where I could really love and accept God as my daddy, because growing up I never really had my earth dad around. I didn’t know how to let God be my dad. So, this week has been a time of bringing past hurt to surface, learning how to forgive, love, trust, and move forward. It was tough but it was soo good and freeing!  We also had a time on Friday of confessing individually to our classmates that we had nothing against them and will choose to walk in unity with them. Or of course making things right with them first, if we did have something, and then choosing to now walk in unity with them. That was so good, and the class felt so much more at peace afterwards.

A few awesome facts from Doug:

  • Your true character is what you do when people can’t see you.
  • The best any human being can give you is information. Only God can give you revelation.
  • You have to maintain and walk in forgiveness. Constantly.
  • Refuse to let other peoples negative actions control your actions.

I’m very much looking forward to this coming week with Peter Warren, and his awesome Australian accent.  :)

Keep your prayers coming, and please please let me know how I can be praying for YOU! :D

You can also write me letters… I like letters… :) ……… p.o. box 22185  louisville,ky 40252

Have an awesome week!!! I love you!


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