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How many apples does one seed make?


Is it really the end of week 9?!  Will I really be home for Christmas in just 19 days?! AHHH!!! So exciting!! 

But before I get too caught up in thinking about that… Here’s what’s been going on this week!

God has really been showing me how to be more patient. Which if you know me well, you know that’s not one of my best qualities. He’s done this in several ways this week, from me having to wait on Him for answers to just plain sticking to knitting a hat without giving up. ha.

This week in class we’ve been learning about the kingdom of Heaven and our worldview from Don Stephens. The way he teaches has definitely given me a lot to think about and challenged me to dig into the Bible to search things out for myself.

Things to think about:

  • An apple only has five seeds, but how many apples does one seed make? We are only one group of people, but how many will come to have a relationship with God through the seeds we plant?
  • God has called us to make disciples not to convert people to our “religion”. Jesus didn’t ask people, “Hey want to go to heaven? Ok, pray this. Peace out.” He had relationship with them, came to their level, hung out with the least of the people, taught them how to live, and they came to know Him through the love He showed. This is the same thing He has called us to do. Befriend people, teach them how to love as God loves, show them how to walk things out.

What’s coming up next?

  • Thanksgiving outreach November 28-30 (serving meals to people in Louisville)
  • CHRISTMAS BREAK!!!!!!! December 13-26
  • Stateside outreach December 27-January 6 (My team will be ministering in North Carolina & Tennessee)
  • India outreach!! January 8- February 22

Prayer request for this week:

  • Financial aid to continue to come in for my teammates and myself.
  • People to be blessed this week during our Thanksgiving outreach.
  • Me, that God will give me words to start conversations with people during outreaches.

If you have anything you would like prayer  for, please feel free to email, call, text, or facebook me :)

I love you all soooooooo much!!! <3

Awesome video we watched this week:






I feel it in my bones, in my bones. It’s a fire.


“I’m so tired of letting opinions, dictate how I worship my Jesus.”  

We spent this past week in Talladega, Alabama for the southeast YWAM conference. It was AWESOME! We got to spend the whole week with 500 other YWAMers worshiping Jesus and learning about the kingdom of God. God showed me the awesomeness of His love and how happy it makes Him when we worship with our whole hearts. He showed me a picture of me and Him dancing and He had a huge smile on his face, it was great!! I’m learning that when we go all crazy and stop letting other people’s opinions get to us it truly, truly, brings incredible joy to His heart. 

A few key points from the week: 

  • When we go to the Bible, we need to look for personal application.
  • The kingdom of God is not organizational, it’s relational.
  • Don’t put God on a clock. -Don’t limit when you’re going to talk to Him or set limits of your time together.

securedownload (6) securedownload (7)

^ The awesome places me and Jesus spent our quiet time together this week! Ahh it was so gorgeous!!!

My week was also fantastic because I got to ride to and from the conference with these cuties!securedownload (9) securedownload (11)

Sophia                                                                    Aiden

And to top my week off, this morning my church here was collecting shoe boxes for operation Christmas child!! I love filling boxes for them, it’s one of my favorite things about Christmas! And I also got to attend a baby shower for one of the women at Encounter, which was also awesome cause I love babies!


I love yall so much!! Thanks for your support and prayers!!! Please, please let me know how I can be praying for you! :)



Bob’s your uncle!


Week seven has come to an end. It’s SUPER crazy how fast time is flying…

We spent this week with Peter Warren learning about spiritual warfare. Lots of good information and things to dwell on!! It was great and challenging.

Me and my fellow southerners had “redneck Friday” yesterday, we all decked out in our camo! I love that there are at least a few other people here who are from the south that I can relate to… lol

securedownload (4)

Last night my small group had a sleepover at a friends house and she has cats!!!!! Ahhhhh, I was so excited. I miss my kitty. so. much.

securedownload (5)

Tomorrow morning we head out for sweet home Alabama to attend the south east conference. I’m super excited! Get to meet lots of new YWAMers :) PLUS they have SWEET TEA! and Fried orka!!! woop! woop! I reallllllly miss sweet tea.

I love you all lots. I will update again when I get back!! Keep us in your prayers <3

Random fact:  In Australia, the say “Bob’s your uncle” instead of the phrase “there you have it”

Whoopie zing!


Hello dear friends! I don’t think words can even describe how awesome this week was. We’ve been learning from Doug Easterday about the father heart of God. Let me just start by saying, he is one of the funniest, most loving people you will ever meet! I love him so much!

47572_10150139740330884_5534965_n [this is Doug ;]

One thing that has really stuck out the most for me this week is that God likes to have fun too! He’s my dad! He wants to take walks with me, hear about my day, jam out to music. That’s something I’ve never really put into practice. I’ve always just spent my time with Him basically just asking Him for things, for myself or for others. And that’s ok… But He also just wants to solely spend time with me sometimes. However, it was hard coming to that place where I could really love and accept God as my daddy, because growing up I never really had my earth dad around. I didn’t know how to let God be my dad. So, this week has been a time of bringing past hurt to surface, learning how to forgive, love, trust, and move forward. It was tough but it was soo good and freeing!  We also had a time on Friday of confessing individually to our classmates that we had nothing against them and will choose to walk in unity with them. Or of course making things right with them first, if we did have something, and then choosing to now walk in unity with them. That was so good, and the class felt so much more at peace afterwards.

A few awesome facts from Doug:

  • Your true character is what you do when people can’t see you.
  • The best any human being can give you is information. Only God can give you revelation.
  • You have to maintain and walk in forgiveness. Constantly.
  • Refuse to let other peoples negative actions control your actions.

I’m very much looking forward to this coming week with Peter Warren, and his awesome Australian accent.  :)

Keep your prayers coming, and please please let me know how I can be praying for YOU! :D

You can also write me letters… I like letters… :) ……… p.o. box 22185  louisville,ky 40252

Have an awesome week!!! I love you!