One small step for man, one giant leap for Kaylakind…


Hello again friends! Hope you’re doing well. It’s been another fabulous week here in Louisville! Learning lots of good things :)

God has been teaching me this week that when He tells me to do something, I need to do it. Or when He tells me to tell someone else something, I need to tell them. He has personally spoken to me, as well as had other people tell me, that my voice is important and needs to be heard, my opinion is not pointless, and that I need to be bold and confident in Him. So, this week has been just that. Full of stepping outside my comfort zones and doing things I wouldn’t normally volunteer to do. :)

This past Monday night we had a lovely fancy dinner at the base called a love feast. Although, I’m not a get all dressed up, fancy type of girl… It was so much fun to enjoy the evening with my YWAM family. Not to mention, the scrumptious cuisine. ;)


Then, Thursday on local outeach, we got to hang out with the kids at Shelby community center. We made cool mask with them, and gave them lots of candy. :) One of the kids made me an awesome creation and made me pinky promise I’d keep it forever. So sweet. <3


My roommates are teaching me how to knit!!! So exciting! :D We all wear cat shirts while we knit, and call ourselves the knittin kittins…… Don’t judge. ;)


And this morning, my small group got up early and went down to the base to cook brunch for everyone. It was tasty!! ….and yes… yes I am wearing my fuzzy slippers.


Now, I’m just chilling in my room… it’s been a very relaxing day today. I’m ready for everything God has in store for this coming week!!

Love you all so much <3 Keep in touch, I miss yall!

OH!! I’ve also made a very best friend here at YWAM, his name is Scuba Steve. We have deep conversations almost everyday! He’s a great listener.



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