Be strong and courageous…


I am a quarter of the way through with DTS…. whaaaaat?!?! I can’t believe how incredibly fast it’s going by!

SOOOO much has happened this week and it’s been aaaaamazing.

I found a church here that I really like, called Encounter, but I’m super happy I still get to watch Bay Harbour live stream! :) It keeps me from missing home toooo much!

We started our local outreach teams this past Thursday, which was exciting. My group went to Shelby community center to volunteer with their after school program, there were only two kids there this week, so two people from our team stayed and helped them with homework, while the rest of us walked around the community praying and talking to some of the people. It was a lot of fun:)

THEN also on Thursday, I found out I am going to Madurai, India for my outreach in January and February. I’m so excited!!! We prayed about it last week and asked God which country he wanted us to go to, (India or South Africa) turned our answer in, to our school leaders, then we “patiently” waited until THE END of Thursday to find out which team we were on and make sure God told them the same country! lol  God is really teaching me this week to be more patient and to put my complete trust in him that he’s going to do what he tells me he will , it’s hard sometimes but it’s definitely something I need to learn!


Friday night I got to work the Food for the hungry booth at the Brandon Heath/Mandisa concert! It was awesome to see so many precious children get sponsors<3 And to see parents bring their children to the booth to choose a child to sponsor and teach them the importance of giving to others was just precious. :)

                                              100_4008 100_4012I

I really can’t believe how incredibly fast my time is going by here, but I’m soaking it all in and loving every minute. God is teaching me so much about his love, grace, and forgiveness. I can’t wait to see what all happens in this coming week! I’ll keep yall posted, I love you all soooooooooooo much! Keep your prayers coming, and let me know if there’s anything I can be praying for you about!! :) Talk to you soon!

P.S. I will be mailing out a news letter next Saturday, if you want one please give me your address before then; you can email it to me at or send me a message on facebook:)


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