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One small step for man, one giant leap for Kaylakind…


Hello again friends! Hope you’re doing well. It’s been another fabulous week here in Louisville! Learning lots of good things :)

God has been teaching me this week that when He tells me to do something, I need to do it. Or when He tells me to tell someone else something, I need to tell them. He has personally spoken to me, as well as had other people tell me, that my voice is important and needs to be heard, my opinion is not pointless, and that I need to be bold and confident in Him. So, this week has been just that. Full of stepping outside my comfort zones and doing things I wouldn’t normally volunteer to do. :)

This past Monday night we had a lovely fancy dinner at the base called a love feast. Although, I’m not a get all dressed up, fancy type of girl… It was so much fun to enjoy the evening with my YWAM family. Not to mention, the scrumptious cuisine. ;)


Then, Thursday on local outeach, we got to hang out with the kids at Shelby community center. We made cool mask with them, and gave them lots of candy. :) One of the kids made me an awesome creation and made me pinky promise I’d keep it forever. So sweet. <3


My roommates are teaching me how to knit!!! So exciting! :D We all wear cat shirts while we knit, and call ourselves the knittin kittins…… Don’t judge. ;)


And this morning, my small group got up early and went down to the base to cook brunch for everyone. It was tasty!! ….and yes… yes I am wearing my fuzzy slippers.


Now, I’m just chilling in my room… it’s been a very relaxing day today. I’m ready for everything God has in store for this coming week!!

Love you all so much <3 Keep in touch, I miss yall!

OH!! I’ve also made a very best friend here at YWAM, his name is Scuba Steve. We have deep conversations almost everyday! He’s a great listener.



Cat sweaters and fox purses.


Dude. I’ve been at this YWAM place for a month!!! I am slowly but surely picking up the YWAM accent… meaning I frequently find myself saying things the exact same way other people talk because I spend so much time with them. It’s crazy. But I love it.

One thing God’s really challenging me with right now is to not be complacent in my life. He pretty much scolded me on Friday to stop holding back and to boldly go after the things He has called me to do. He has called me to be a leader and He is tired of watching me not step up and lead. So, I am definitely going to start being more bold in Him and do the things He’s called me to because Hey, Jack that’s all that really matters in life. :D

On a non-Biblical note: Yesterday, I went out with some of my new besties and we ate CHICK-FIL-A AND I DISCOVERED WHAT A FOREVER 21 WAS AND I GOT TWO AMAZING SWEATSHIRTS! I’m pretty excited because they are beyond stupid precious (a YWAM phrase) :D :D :D

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My brain is still recuperating from all these late nights of newsletter preparation. So, I apologize for my lack of detail in my writing. But this week was really awesome! Gonna watch my awesome church family live in a few hours, I’m pretty excited!!

I love you all SO MUCH!

Keep on prayin and please let me know how I can be praying for you!

Write me ;) Kayla Wolff YWAM p.o. box 22185 Louisville,KY 40252

“I got 40 addresses dude, zip codes and all” -Jesse Roundhouse

“That’s hefty” – Ryan Bogert

Be strong and courageous…


I am a quarter of the way through with DTS…. whaaaaat?!?! I can’t believe how incredibly fast it’s going by!

SOOOO much has happened this week and it’s been aaaaamazing.

I found a church here that I really like, called Encounter, but I’m super happy I still get to watch Bay Harbour live stream! :) It keeps me from missing home toooo much!

We started our local outreach teams this past Thursday, which was exciting. My group went to Shelby community center to volunteer with their after school program, there were only two kids there this week, so two people from our team stayed and helped them with homework, while the rest of us walked around the community praying and talking to some of the people. It was a lot of fun:)

THEN also on Thursday, I found out I am going to Madurai, India for my outreach in January and February. I’m so excited!!! We prayed about it last week and asked God which country he wanted us to go to, (India or South Africa) turned our answer in, to our school leaders, then we “patiently” waited until THE END of Thursday to find out which team we were on and make sure God told them the same country! lol  God is really teaching me this week to be more patient and to put my complete trust in him that he’s going to do what he tells me he will , it’s hard sometimes but it’s definitely something I need to learn!


Friday night I got to work the Food for the hungry booth at the Brandon Heath/Mandisa concert! It was awesome to see so many precious children get sponsors<3 And to see parents bring their children to the booth to choose a child to sponsor and teach them the importance of giving to others was just precious. :)

                                              100_4008 100_4012I

I really can’t believe how incredibly fast my time is going by here, but I’m soaking it all in and loving every minute. God is teaching me so much about his love, grace, and forgiveness. I can’t wait to see what all happens in this coming week! I’ll keep yall posted, I love you all soooooooooooo much! Keep your prayers coming, and let me know if there’s anything I can be praying for you about!! :) Talk to you soon!

P.S. I will be mailing out a news letter next Saturday, if you want one please give me your address before then; you can email it to me at or send me a message on facebook:)

The Joy of the Lord is my strength…


“Every problem in the world is a relationship problem, and if you don’t relate well with people you’re a part of the problem ”  -DeanSherman

Can you believe I’ve been here two weeks already?! That’s crazy, this time is just flying by.

This second week of DTS we have been learning all about relationships, from the lovely Dean Sherman AKA the Shermanator. It has been awesome, a tad awkward, very eye opening, and a little painful. We’re learning how to build solid relationships with each other, and to be completely honest and truthful, to ask forgiveness when we do something wrong (which btw is not easy.  You have to apologize and admit you’re wrong once for something and believe me, you wont do it again.)

We also got to go out on local outreach this week, which was so exciting to get out in the community and serve!  We went to Uspiritus, a facility for kids who have had traumatic experiences in their lives or bad family situations and dug around 80 holes for a project they had for the kids to plant trees. It was so awesome to be able to help out!!


Then last night a few of us went and volunteered at a prom for disabled people, we had the chance to hang out with them and dance with them, and just enjoy the joy they had in their hearts, it was so incredible and very rewarding.  Not to mention it was my first prom ;)

100_3978                100_3981

God’s doing a lot of good things that I am completely enjoying, as well as teaching me things that hurt so bad but that I need to learn. I can’t wait to see what all He has in store for the rest of this weekend as well as next week!  Please keep the prayers coming :) Also letters are super awesome!!  And just in case you feel like writing, here’s my address:

for letters: Kayla Wolff YWAM po box 22185 Louisville, ky 40252

for packages: Kayla Wolff YWAM, suite b 3402 Goose creek rd. Louisville,ky 40241

I love you all so much!! <3