Pure awesomeness.


Well hello again! :)

So, this first week of DTS has been ahhhhmazing!  And there’s so much I want to share!  I don’t even know where to begin. But, I guess I’ll start by giving you a little outlook on what our daily schedule has looked like this week. Next week and the weeks after will be slightly different but for this week;  Every morning from 7:30-8:30 we have “quiet time” where we all find a place in the house to be alone with Jesus!  Which. Is. Awesome. Then we head over to the base and have classes from about 9AM-12PM, then we have lunch, and then classes again from 1:45 until 6PM, then we all have dinner together, and then we come back to our house, do homework, chores, hang out, ect.

God Is working so much in my life, on things I honestly didn’t realize were a problem for me! ahhh! He’s done so much in my life in these few short days, I can’t even begin to imagine the awesomeness of these coming MONTHS! :D

So, The first couple days during my quiet time was kinda hard for me to really hear God’s voice, I mean he spoke to me through scripture but I wasn’t hearing his voice super clear!  Because honestly I have found out this week, I’m not as good a Christian as I thought I was, and that I don’t have the best relationship with him, because I haven’t been giving him the time he deserved! I am definitely working on being a better daughter and letting Him teach me though!! And I’m so happy that our relationship is getting stronger <3 Wednesday morning was FABULOUS! During our time together, I still was just seeking to hear from him and so desperately wanting to know what he wanted from me, and  I finally was able to hear his voice clearly and he said “Just praise me.”  So for about 30 min. I just sat there, telling him things I was thankful for, and how grateful I was for him and all he’s done for me, it was just the greatest thing ever. I was so happy to be able to talk to him one on one!! Then today we just spent the morning together in worship, I was outside just singing to him and enjoying sitting in his presence. So awesome!!! :D

Next in my getting broken and molded…. this week God has REALLLLY been dealing with me on putting others needs first, and living in a house with 33 other girls, this isn’t always easy!!  ha. It’s definitely taking some getting used to. But I’m loving these girls so much, I’ve only been here 5 days but I feel like I have known them my whole life. (Also, I know on facebook I talk a lot about the girls because, well I live with them ha, but there are guys who live on campus that are in the school also who are pretty cool too. lol)

To sum the week up though, I just love it here so much!!! And am really learning a lot more about God, myself, and others. It’s just so incredible, and I love the fact that we’re all here with one purpose in mind. To know God and make him known!  I’m so glad God has allowed me to have this season in my life.  And can not wait to learn more and absorb more of his awesome love!!

I’ll keep yall updated as God continues to work in my life!! I love you all so much, thank you for the prayers, and PLEASE keep the coming!!

…letters are nice too… I like mail ;)  Thanks for everything! Talk to you again soon :)


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  1. Hey Precious Girl, you make me jealous in your zeal for HIM! You make me want to seek HIM more and I am so excited for you! I can’t wait to see where you and HE go and what you do!!! We love you bunches and love, love, love our thank you I got time for dis card!!!! We love you bunches but I already said that and we miss you tons and tons!!!

  2. Thank you sister for sharing your journey. We miss you but so happy for this season God has given you. Yes do all you can do to be the better daughter. I too thought nothing was wrong with me,but sister was I ever wrong. I thank God for the changes the He is making in my life and I want to be better toward other peoples needs. Don’t think I was a selfish person but God can showed me different.Keep PRAISING OUR AWESOME GOD. PRAYER CONTINUED LOVE YA.

    • ahhh, I’m SO excited. It’s been the most incredible week of my life, and also the hardest week of my life, all in one! lol But I love Jesus so much more now than I even knew was possible. And it’s awesome! :D

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